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Strength in Numbers. Fairness in Justice.

Mission Statement

“Championing justice, promoting individual rights and supporting the legal defense community through education and advocacy.”


It can be lonely standing up to the power of the state, demanding justice and advocating for an individual's rights. It is not easy fighting to keep a kid in her home, arguing for alternative treatment programs or testifying in front of a legislative judiciary committee. Yet every day, hundreds of OCDLA members do that and more. And OCDLA is often the home base from which the defender finds resources to advance an argument, hone a legal theory and sustain a sense of purpose.

OCDLA is a community, but more akin to a family than an amorphous educational nonprofit. Our family offers the best training programs and seminars for criminal and juvenile defense lawyers in the state. We produce trial books and aids that are the envy of the nation. And, if you really want to test our pedigree, visit the Library of Defense, which is developing into the best "find it when you need it" web resource of all. This is a family that talks to each other too. We support list serves, committees of all sorts, amicus action, expert witness databases, legislative advocacy and even great social events and BBQs. All this helps cement us as a community, allowing both individual and collective growth. By joining, you too can reap the benefits, grow professionally and contribute to Oregon's family of defenders.

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Membership Year and Dues Rates, 2018–2019

Our membership year follows a fiscal calendar, July through June. Allow 24 hours for new and renewing memberships to be processed. Membership orders placed on a weekend will be processed the following Monday.

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dues for brand new members are through June 2019 for the 2018–2019 membership year. Dues are prorated quarterly. Newly joining members should click the Join button below.
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dues for renewing members are through June 2019 for the 2018–2019 year. Renewing members should click the Renew button below.

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$5000 one-time



$550 annual

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$360 annual

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$255 annual

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$50 first-year

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$140 annual

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