Capital Defenders

A Resource for Death Penalty Work

The OCDLA Capital Defenders is a resource for investigators, mitigation specialists, attorneys, and support staff who represent capital defendants in pre-trial, trial, appellate, and post-conviction litigation. The Capital Defenders work to facilitate the exchange of information among death penalty practitioners and, through their own legislative committee, assist the OCDLA legislative committee and lobbyists in addressing public policy and legislative matters addressing capital defense. The Capital Defenders maintain a listserve, and assist the Oregon Capital Resource Center, directed by Jeff Ellis, in planning the program for the annual OCDLA death penalty seminar.


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Death Penalty Seminars

OCDLA death penalty seminars feature high quality death penalty litigators and related professionals from around the country. Death penalty lawyers come together to enhance their skills, share tips of the trade and network. Oregon attorneys who want to do indigent death penalty work are required by the Office of Public Defense Services to attend at least one death penalty seminar per year.
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Capital Defenders Listserve

A forum for discussion between lawyers, mitigators, and investigators involved in capital cases, as well as advance notice of death penalty seminars. To subscribe or unsubscribe from the listserve, send an email to with “Subscribe Capital Defender List” or “Unsubscribe Capital Defender List” in the subject line.


Capital Defenders Password-Protected Collaborative Website / Oregon Capital Resource Center

Co-sponsored by OCDLA and the Oregon Capital Resource Center, the workspace contains capital defense training information, defense pleadings and legal materials, case tacking information, capital defense advocacy materials, and other information helpful to capital defense teams (attorneys, mitigation specialists, and investigators). The workspace also contains the materials previosly maintained in the OCDLA Death Penalty Library, including materials from Oregon cases provided by capital defense teams.
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