Public Defense Reform Task Force

Mission Statement

Created in December 2019 to bring together diverse voices from within OCDLA to advocate for a fully funded public defense system that maximizes the quality of services our members provide.

Rob Harris, Co-Chair (Washington/Consortium)
Jessica Kampfe, Co-Chair (Marion/Public)

Charlie Allen (Deschutes/Public)
James Comstock (Private Investigator)
Kara Davis (Umatilla/Public)
Dick Garbutt (Klamath/Juvenile)
Bob Homan (Lane/Public)
DeAnna Horne, Legislative Committee Co-chair (Clackamas/Consortium/Juvenile)
Carl Macpherson (Multnomah/Public)
Amy Miller (Juvenile/Public/Multnomah)
Andy Robinson (OPDS Appellate/Board Liaison)
Jon Weiner (Marion/Consortium/)
Shannon Wilson (Clackamas/Consortium)