Public Defense Reform Task Force

The task force was created in December 2019 by the OCDLA board of directors.

Mission Statement

To bring together diverse voices from within OCDLA to advocate for a fully funded public defense system that maximizes the quality of services our members provide.

Rob Harris, Co-Chair (Washington/Consortium)
Jessica Kampfe, Co-Chair (Marion/Public)

Charlie Allen (Deschutes/Public)
James Comstock (Private Investigator)
Kara Davis (Umatilla/Public)
Dick Garbutt (Klamath/Juvenile)
Bob Homan (Lane/Public)
DeAnna Horne, Legislative Committee Co-chair (Clackamas/Consortium/Juvenile)
Carl Macpherson (Multnomah/Public)
Amy Miller (Juvenile/Public/Multnomah)
Andy Robinson (OPDS Appellate/Board Liaison)
Jon Weiner (Marion/Consortium/)
Shannon Wilson (Clackamas/Consortium)