OCDLA Strike Force

OCDLA has your back!

If you are:

  1. Threatened with criminal action, or charged with a crime;
  2. Threatened with or found in contempt;
  3. Threatened with, or subjected to, disciplinary action;
  4. Threatened with subpoena, or subpoenaed; or
  5. Otherwise harassed or sanctioned without just cause

related to your zealous representation of a client — the Strike Force can help. Contact any committee member below.

Strike Force Committee Members

Lee Berger
Laura Graser
Gordon Mallon
Staff: Shaun McCrea, Executive Director

The strike force responds to attacks on OCDLA members arising during their practice, including subpoenas from prosecutors and judicial threats including contempt. We screen requests for assistance to determine whether the request falls within our charge, or is more appropriately a PLF matter. We locate local counsel to appear on behalf of the member, as appropriate.

To request a copy of the 2019 OCDLA Legal Strike Force Policy and Procedures contact OCDLA Executive Director Shaun McCrea, or call the OCDLA office.

OCDLA Committees

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