Mentoring Program


Mentors Needed

OCDLA’s mentorship program for law students and newer members will pair law students and new attorneys with members who have practiced criminal or juvenile defense for eight or more years and will be a less formal alternative to the Oregon State Bar Mentorship Program.

We envision newer attorneys meeting with mentors to ask questions about criminal or juvenile defense practice or to discuss their ups and downs.

Mentors can expect to spend approximately four hours per month meeting with a mentee either by phone or in person.

If you would like to be an OCDLA mentor, please email or call Tracye,, 541-686-8716.


Mentees Needed

So you’re new to criminal and juvenile law.

You want to accelerate the learning curve to better serve your clients and to keep yourself in the good graces of the bar.

And you’ve been practicing law for five years or less.

Experienced and caring OCDLA members who have volunteered to be mentors would like to help you.

The mentorship/mentee program is not structured or formal — rather it caters to your individual needs. You and your mentor set the schedule, tone and duration of your meetings.

Meet in person, by phone or on-line. Get the help you need the way you need it.

To be connected with a mentor, email or call Tracye,, (541) 686-8716.