OCDLA Legislative Advocacy

OCDLA’s Legislative Goals
  1. TO ENSURE THAT innocent people are not charged with or convicted of offenses.
  2. TO ENSURE THAT those entrusted with the enforcement of the law stay within the bounds of the law.
  3. TO ENSURE THAT those entrusted with the enforcement of the law do so in the least intrusive way possible.
  4. TO ENSURE THAT the benefits and penalties of the law do not fall unequally upon those subjected to it.
  5. TO ENSURE THAT sanctions are appropriate for the offenses that provoke them.
  6. TO ENSURE THAT the criminal justice system is an open and public system.
  7. TO ENSURE THAT criminal justice policy is the product of informed public debate.
  8. TO ENSURE THAT the criminal justice system is funded at a level sufficient to fulfill its obligations to fair treatment and social justice and to preserve the independent authority of the Oregon Constitution.

(Drafted by Edward Jones and adopted by the Board of Directors on March 13, 1992)

OCDLA’s Legislative Committee

Committee Chairs
DeAnna Horne, Co-Chair | Portland | Email
Shawn Wiley, Co-Chair | Salem | Email

Legislative Director
Mae Lee Browning | Email

Board Liaison
Andrew Robinson | Salem | Email

Voting Members
Kathie Berger | Portland | Email
Jeff Carter | Salem | Email
Graham Fisher | Portland | Email
Robert Homan | Eugene | Email
Aaron Jeffers | Bend | Email
Tom Sermak | Salem | Email

Advisory Members
Thaddeus Betz | Bend | Email
Laura Graser | Portland | Email
Shannon Flowers | Portland | Email
Jessica Kampfe | Salem | Email
Denny Maison | Salem | Email
Gail Meyer | Portland | Email
Richard McBreen | Portland | Email
David McDonald | Portland | Email

Ex Officio Members
Lane Borg | Salem | Email
Shaun McCrea | Eugene | Email

Legislative Committee Bylaws
Read the bylaws here

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The OCDLA Legislative Committee works with our legislative representative to draft and promote legislation beneficial to the criminal justice system and to protect the constitutional and statutory rights of those accused of crime.

The committee opposes legislation that would erode an individual’s constitutional rights and legislation that creates penalties that fall unequally upon those subjected to them.

The committee also works to secure adequate funding for the public defense function and to raise the quality of both juvenile and adult representation.