OCDLA Legislative Action Committee


The OCDLA Legislative Committee works with our legislative representative to draft and promote legislation beneficial to the criminal justice system and to protect the constitutional and statutory rights of those accused of crime.

The committee opposes legislation that would erode an individual’s constitutional rights and legislation that creates penalties that fall unequally upon those subjected to them.

The committee also works to secure adequate funding for the public defense function and to raise the quality of both juvenile and adult representation.

2017 Session

The Committee is now requesting ideas from OCDLA members on bills to introduce in 2017 — please specifically describe the problem to be solved, how to fix the problem, and which statute(s), if any, need to be amended, and send to OCDLA Legislative Committees co-chairs Bob Homan and DeAnna Horne.

The OCDLA Legislative Committee and legislative lobbyist Gail Meyer are in full swing. The Library of Defense (LOD) has a dynamic Legislative Section. There you will find updates on legislative action that affects us, our clients, and the practice of criminal defense law in Oregon. Make sure you have your OCDLA user name and password for the members' only portion of the LOD.

OCDLA Legislative Committee Members

Robert Homan, Co-Chair | Eugene | Email
DeAnna Horne, Co-Chair | Portland | Email
Robert Kaiser, Board Liaison | Eugene | Email
Bradley Kalbaugh, Board Liaison | Portland | Email
Gail Meyer, OCDLA Legislative Rep. (Substantive) | Portland | Email
Justin Martin, OCDLA Legislative Rep. (Fiscal) | Salem | Email
Kristine Almquist | Hillsboro | Email
Bronson James | Portland | Email
Richard McBreen | Portland | Email
Thalia Sady | Portland | Email
Tom Sermak | Salem | Email
Neal Weingart | Portland | Email
Shawn Wiley | Salem | Email

Subcommittee Members
Mae Lee Browning | Portland | Email
Paul Levy | Salem | Email
Denny Maision | Salem | Email
Josh Pond | Portland | Email

Ex Officio Members:
Nancy Cozine | Salem | Email
John Potter | Eugene | Email



Go HB 2549 — Establishes risk assessment process to convert Oregon’s sex offender registry to three levels based on risk of re-offense. For analysis and FAQs regarding HB 2549 visit the Legal Document Library (select Sex Abuse category, then HB_2549_FAQ.pdf).