OCDLA Legislative Action Committee


The OCDLA Legislative Committee works with our legislative representative to draft and promote legislation beneficial to the criminal justice system and to protect the constitutional and statutory rights of those accused of crime.

The committee opposes legislation that would erode an individual’s constitutional rights and legislation that creates penalties that fall unequally upon those subjected to them.

The committee also works to secure adequate funding for the public defense function and to raise the quality of both juvenile and adult representation.

OCDLA Legislative Committee Members

DeAnna Horne, Co-Chair | Portland | Email
Shawn Wiley, Co-Chair | Salem | Email
Neal Weingart, Board Liaison | Portland | Email
Mary A. Sofia, OCDLA Legislative Rep. (Substantive) | Portland | Email
Jeff Carter | Salem | Email
Graham Fisher | Portland | Email
Robert Homan | Eugene | Email
Aaron Jeffers | Bend | Email
Tom Sermak | Salem | Email
Neal Weingart | Portland | Email

Kathie Berger | Portland | Email
Thaddeus Betz | Bend | Email
Eric Deitrick | Portland | Email
Laura Graser | Portland | Email
Jessica Kampfe | Salem | Email
Professor Carrie Leonetti | Email
Paul Levy | Salem | Email
Denny Maison | Salem | Email
Richard McBreen | Portland | Email
David McDonald | Portland | Email
Ruben Medina | Portland | Email
William Perkinson Pendleton | Email
Joshua Pond | Portland | Email

Ex Officio Members:
Nancy Cozine | Salem | Email
John Potter | Eugene | Email