Get Involved

OCDLA committees are volunteer driven and are open to interested members. Contact the committee chairs below if you would like to become involved.

Amicus Curiae

Rosalind Lee, Chair | Eugene | Email
Andrew Robinson, Board Liaison | Salem | Email
Kristin Carveth | Salem | Email
Rebecca Davis | Eugene | Email
Kenneth Kreuscher | Portland | Email
Amicus Curiae Guidelines

Capital Defenders

Dennis Balske | Portland | Email
Jeff Ellis | Portland | Email
Richard Wolfe | Portland | Email
Go to the Capital Defenders page


Olcott Thompson | Salem | Email


Elizabeth Wakefield, Chair | Portland | Email
Elizabeth Baker, Board Liaison | Portland | Email
Go to the Education Committee page.

Honored Members Steering Committee

Bob Thuemmel | Portland | Email

Juvenile Law

Annette Smith, Co-chair | Salem | Email
Gina Stewart, Co-chair and Board Liaison | Roseburg | Email
Go to the Juvenile Law Committee page.

Law School Outreach

Lewis and Clark
Jennifer Robins | Hillsboro | Email
Shannon Wilson | Oregon City | Email

University of Oregon
Neal Weingart | Portland | Email

Willamette University
Richard Garbutt | Klamath Falls | Email
Shannon Wilson | Oregon City | Email


DeAnna Horne, Co-Chair | Portland | Email
Shawn Wiley, Co-Chair | Salem | Email
Andy Robinson, Board Liaison | Portland | Email
Mae Lee Browning, Legislative Director | Email
Go to the Legislative Advocacy page for full committee list.

Oregon Legal Investigators Committee

Steve Wilson, Co-Chair | Portland
James Comstock, Co-Chair | Portland
Go to the Oregon Legal Investigators Committee page.

Pay Parity Advisory Committee

Go to the Pay Parity Advisory Committee page.

Public Defense Services Commission Liaison

Shaun McCrea | Eugene | Email

Publications Committee

Sarah Laidlaw, Co-Chair | Salem | Email
Terri Wood, Co-Chair | Eugene | Email
Jennifer Robins, Board Liaison | Hillsboro | Email
Megha Desai | Portland | Email
Hugh Duvall | Eugene | Email
Justin Morehouse | Canyon City | Email
Susan Elizabeth Reese | Newport | Email
Jennifer Root | Eugene | Email
Brian Walker | Eugene | Email

Strike Force Committee Members

Lee Berger
Laura Graser
Gordon Mallon
Staff: Shaun McCrea, Executive Director

Go to the Strike Force Committee page.

Web Governance Committee

Marc Brown, Chair | Salem | Email
Alyssa Bartholomew, Board Liaison | Medford | Email
Thad Betz | Bend | Email
José Bernal | Portland | Email
Robert Crow | Portland | Email
Emily Ellison | Portland | Email
Steven Gorham | Salem | Email
Morgan Long | Portland | Email
Shaun McCrea | Eugene | Email
Victoria Moffet | La Grande | Email
Brook Reinhard | Roseburg | Email


Check the OCDLA calendar for upcoming committee meetings.