OCDLA Pay Parity Advisory Committee

Chair — Lynne A. Dickison Peterson | Dickison Law LLC | Portland
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Board Liaison — Eve Oldenkamp | Klamath Defender Services | Klamath Falls
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OPDS Resource Liaison (Advisory) — Caroline Meyer | OPDS | Salem
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Elizabeth J. C. Baker | Attorney at Law | Eugene
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Katherine O. Berger | Katherine O. Berger PC | Portland
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Ann S. Christian | Attorney at Law | Vancouver, WA
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James Comstock | Investigator | Portland
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Douglas M. Engle | Southern Oregon Public Defender, Inc | Medford
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Dave Ferry | Office of Public Defense Services | Salem
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Jennifer I. Nash | Jennifer I. Nash & Nicolas Ortiz PC
Contract Administrator | Corvallis
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Tom Sermak | Public Defender of Marion Co, Inc | Salem
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Jon H. Weiner | Jon H. Weiner PC | Salem
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February 1, 2014

Resolution — OCDLA will advocate for OPDS to include one policy option package (POP) for the 2015–2017 biennium that ensures Oregon complies with federal mandates for the provision of public defense.

OCDLA recognizes that there have been funding disparities between public defenders, consortia, private contractors and hourly providers. OCDLA supports fairness and balance in compensation for public defense work regardless of whether provided by public defenders, consortia, private contractors or hourly providers.

OCDLA will advocate for the one POP to address the unmet needs identified by all public defense providers, with specific emphasis on parity among public defense providers, i.e., equal pay for equal work.


December 5, 2013

The OCDLA board passed a resolution on December 5, 2013, reaffirming the association’s historic commitment to educating legislators and policy makers on the necessity of achieving pay parity with prosecutors for all assigned counsel in state and federal court regardless of the organizational structure. 

Within the resolution the Board created a new Pay Parity Advisory Committee whose purpose is to help develop a strategic plan for securing additional public defense funding from the Legislature. The committee will be comprised of representatives from a variety of defense service provider groups:  private bar, consortium and non profit public defender. An initial status report will be given to the Board on February 1 with final recommendations proposed at the Board's March 7th meeting. The timing is subject to some adjustment but the intent is to track the OPDS budget building process with the ultimate goal of a final position statement ready for the Public Defense Service Commission budget meeting, currently scheduled for April 17, 2014.