Oregon Legal Investigators Committee

The Oregon Legal Investigators committee will create investigator educational experiences and trainings, advocate for investigator wages and regulatory changes, and act as a voice for the state’s legal investigators.


Steve Wilson | Portland
James Comstock | Portland

Mission Statement

The OCDLA Legal Investigators Committee (OLIC) represents OCDLA member licensed investigators who work in Oregon, many for Oregon’s public defense system. OLIC’s purpose is to speak for defense investigators and mitigation specialists across the state, advocating for the common goals of these individuals and acting as a communication bridge between investigators and OCDLA, FPD, OPDS, DPSST, and legislators.


Promote and advocate for reasonable wages
Legal investigators working for OPDS on short term contracts should receive a wage comparable to non-law enforcement criminal justice investigators, such as DA investigators, and comparable to PIs in nearby states. The hourly wage should reflect the cost of health care and minimal overhead fees.

Promote and increase interstate reciprocity agreements
Investigators traveling to other states on cases require reciprocity agreements or risk criminal charges. We shall advocate for reciprocity agreements with DPSST, Oregon, and out of state agencies.

Offer and improve legal investigator training
We shall offer continuing education courses aimed at legal investigators.

Set qualifications for legal investigators working in Oregon and as contractors for OPDS
We shall establish minimum standards of knowledge and experience for legal investigators working on cases, particularly OPDS cases. The standards shall vary according to the severity of the case.

Explore apprenticeship-style PI training (inexperienced investigators working under licensed PI)
We shall work to create an experimental program offering provisional investigators on-the-job experience working for a licensed investigator.

Free or reduced fee eCourt access; lawyer-level eCourt access
We shall advocate for investigators working in Oregon, to have access to eCourt for free or for a significantly reduced fee, and for investigators to have the same level of eCourt access as attorneys.

Improve and maintain communication between contract legal investigators and OPDS
Through regular meetings, we shall act as a conduit between the greater Oregon legal investigator community and OPDS, DPSST and as needed, relaying information, working to solve problems, and acting as a voice for Oregon investigators.