Ken Morrow Lifetime Achievement Award

Created in 2000 following the death of Oregon’s legendary criminal defense attorney, Ken Morrow, the Ken Morrow Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the lifelong commitment and significant achievements of attorneys who have worked in the defense community and those who have made important contributions to the administration of justice.


2017 Recipient
Barnes Ellis, Senior Legal Counsel, Mercy Corps, Portland

The Board of Directors wll honor Barnes Ellis with the Ken Morrow Lifetime Achievement Award. Celebrity presentations by OCDLA member Jim Hennings, former director of Metropolitan Public Defender Services and Ken Morrow Award recipient in 2005; Former Chief Justice Paul De Muniz, Ken Morrow Award recipient in 2012; and OCDLA life member and former vice-chair of the Public Defense Services Commission, OCDLA Executive Director Shaun S. McCrea. This event regularly sells out, so be sure to reserve your tables and seats soon.

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John Potter, OCDLA Executive Director Emeritus

Listen to audio of the evening on the LOD podcast page.

— For his pioneering work to help create OCDLA and build it into what it is today,

— For the vision with which he has shaped public policy to protect and benefit Oregonians,

— For his tenacity and persistence in teaching lawyers to be excellent advocates, and

— For his skills as a listener, his constancy and support, and his unparalleled margaritas.



Peter Gartlan


Steve Wax

— For his tireless and inspirational leadership in elevating the practice of appellate representation,

— For advocating with dignity, and

— For shaping a generation of lawyers who will continue his legacy.

— For extraordinary service as Oregon's longest-serving Federal Defender,

— For uncompromising devotion to protecting the rights of the accused, and

—For standing face to face with all the power government can bring, and not blinking.



Emily Simon


Justice Paul J. De Muniz
Oregon Supreme Court

Emily Simon

— Justice, justice shall you pursue. Deut. 16:20

Justice Paul J. De Muniz

— For a legal career of inspirational leadership and dedication to the law,

— For a bulldogged determination to improve the criminal justice system, and

— For his kindness and compassion to all.


John Henry Higson, III


Bert Putney
Southern Oregon Public Defender, Inc.

John Henry Higson, III

— For his pioneering work in helping to establish OCDLA,

— For his commitment to the principals framed by the Oregon and United States constitutions, and

— For his legendary work protecting Oregon citizens against the over reaching power of the state.


Bert Putney

— For establishing a foundation of indigent defense in Southern Oregon based on integrity, compassion and zealousness and

— For modeling a true defender of the rights of the criminally charged.


Honorable Linda Bergman
Multnomah County Circuit Court


Jim Hennings
Metropolitan Public Defenders Office, Portland

Honorable Linda Bergman

— For always letting both sides have their full say in her courtroom,

— For her dedication to justice and fairness in all aspects of the criminal justice system, and

— For giving everyone she encountered, as a lawyer and as a judge, real access to justice.


Jim Hennings

— For his pioneering role as Oregon’s original public defender,

— For providing outstanding representation for those who can least afford it,

— For his devotion to improving the justice system, and
— For being one of Oregon’s most dedicated public servants.


2004 (Co-Recipients)

Duane J. McCabe, Bend
Ralph H. Smith, Jr., Bend

Duane J. McCabe and Ralph H. Smith, Jr.

Duane McCabe

— For his role as a founding father of OCDLA,
— For bringing a bit of the Irish wit and spirit to the defense community, and
— For a devotion to providing a no-holds-barred defense to his clients.

Ralph Smith

— For an extraordinary legal career spanning five decades,
— For inspirational leadership as a justice fighter, and
— For a devotion to providing a no-holds-barred defense to his clients.


Bob McCrea


Bob McCrea


— For a legal career of inspirational leadership, excellence and unquestioned professionalism,

— For significant contributions to the criminal justice system and the community, and

— For a man who could never turn away a stray dog.



Ken Morrow (In Memoriam)

Ken Morrow