Juvenile Law Advocacy Award

2020 Recipients

OCDLA is pleased to honor these outstanding juvenile defenders —

Matthew Jarvis
Matthew is a fierce advocate who goes above and beyond. He’s quick, kind, and particularly attentive to the needs of his child clients, making a real and lasting impact on their lives. He goes that extra mile, not just to advocate, but to show the kids he works with that someone truly cares about them when it seems to them that no one does.

Holly Preslar
When advocating for a child or parent Holly is a force to be reckoned with. When DHS know that Holly is on a case, they are on hyper-alert. Holly will challenge reasonable efforts frequently, will scrutinize every move they make, and will push for her client beyond the “average” effective-assistance-of-counsel standard in every case. She is truly an outstanding advocate.

James Mueller
James is an excellent advocate, and he approaches each case and client, whether child or adult, with compassion and wisdom. He is always prepared and always fights hard for his clients even in the most difficult circumstances. He never expresses any frustration with his clients. He is well respected in the juvenile defense community and has made himself available for mentoring and assisting other lawyers.

Past Recipients


Ginger Fitch possesses the rare ability to advocate at the trial level as well as in the Oregon appellate courts. She takes on complex cases for individual clients, while improving the collective performance of all through her unselfish willingness to share and assist colleagues. Read about Ginger in this issue of The Oregon Defense Attorney.

Maurisa Gates is a powerful, tireless, and creative advocate for her delinquency and dependency clients. Her quiet, steady, never-give-up attitude results in many remarkable family reunifications. Read about Maurisa in this issue of The Oregon Defense Attorney.

Amy Miller was instrumental in the implementation of Oregon’s Parent Child Representation Program (PCRP). Her dedication, hard work, and vision have helped improve the lives of some of Oregon’s most vulnerable. Read about Amy in this issue of The Oregon Defense Attorney.


Dick Garbutt has had a long and successful career in public defense in Klamath Falls, although he started his career as a deputy DA in Klamath County. He has defended clients in all types of cases and prosecuted and defended several murder cases to trial. He has served as a contract administrator for Klamath Defender Services (KDS) and has been a sounding board and mentor for his fellow attorneys. Most recently, he’s dedicated his practice to representing children involved in juvenile court. Read about Dick in this issue of The Oregon Defense Attorney.


Julie H. McFarlane, legendary juvenile law defense attorney, received the first OCDLA juvenile law advocacy award in 2016 when the award was called the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Award for Excellence. Julie received the award for her tireless pursuit of justice in the juvenile courts, for the infectious joy she has shared with Oregon’s children and families for 40 years, for spending countless hours in courtrooms, juvenile facilities, and foster homes, for inspiring generations of law students and young lawyers, and for her relentless commitment to the reform of juvenile law. In 2017, the Julie H. McFarlane Lifetime Achievement Award was created following Julie’s retirement. Read about Julie in this issue of The Oregon Defense Attorney.

“To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.”
— Pearl S. Buck