Honored Members

Thank you, Honored Members!

Dennis N. Balske
Jesse Wm. Barton
Kathleen E Bergland
Everett D. Blehm
Richard A. Carlson
Ann S. Christian
Douglas M. Fischer (Retired)
Mark Hardin
James D. Lang
Paul E. Levy
Duane J. McCabe
Gail L. Meyer
Herbert A. Putney
Angela Sherbo
James J. Susee
John J. Tyner
Stephen Yerger

Members who are either permanently or temporarily retired from the active practice of law may join as Honored Members. The rate and benefits are the same as Professional Nonlawyer membership, but Honored Members may not vote. The Honored Member category will allow members who want to continue to contribute and be part of OCDLA to do so at a reduced rate

Updated March 6, 2020.

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