question How can I access the Expert Witnesses?

You may access the Expert Witnesses on the Library of Defense, here. At the Library of Defense, also see the Mental Health experts on the left under Expert Rooms.

question How do I find out what my user name and password is?

When you become an OCDLA member you receive a welcome email that contains your user name and password. You should file this information in a safe place. If you misplace your user name and password, contact OCDLA or go here to set a new password if you know your username, which is probably your email address.

question How do I update my contact information online?

View and update your contact information online by going to your Profile. You will need to log-in first.

question What is the Pond Listserve?

OCDLA hosts an email listserve known as the Pond for members to share knowledge and information related to the practice of criminal defense. Participation in the listserve is voluntary, and you may subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. Visit the Email Lists page for instructions on how to join the Pond listserve and read about other lists OCDLA manages.

question What is my Pond listserve password?

Your Pond listserve password was emailed to you when your email address was first added to the Pond. A reminder emai containing the password is sent to Pond subscribers monthly. If you need a password reminder now, go here, then scroll to the bottom of the page. Under the header Ocdlapond Subscribers, look for the sentence that begins, “To unsubscribe from Ocdlapond, get a password reminder...,” enter your Pond email address, and click “Unsubscribe or Edit Options.” Then, on the next page, look for the heading Forgotten Your Password? in the lower left. Follow the instructions there.

question How can I renew my membership online?

You can renew online from the Membership Info page.

question Who is my OCDLA Board Member and what is my board district?

Go here for a list of current Board Members. Use the Board District map to see what your board district is.

question How do I join an OCDLA Committee?

Visit the Committees page to review the list of committees. Contact the chair of committee(s) you are interested in, or contact the OCDLA President, Olcott Thompson, or Executive Director, Shaun McCrea.

question My reporting period is coming up. Where do I find out how many credits an OCDLA seminar was approved for?

Go to ocdla.org and on the left hand menu select CLE Archive and the year you are interested in.