Becoming an Expert DUII Lawyer

March 11–12 • Valley River Inn, Eugene

Our experienced and knowledgeable line-up will give you the skills necessary to be a skillful and current advocate for all clients facing a DUII. This is a can’t miss event for seasoned DUII lawyers to learn the latest developments and inside scoop and for newer lawyers who want to hone expert techniques to better serve your clients.

Plus — Optional Trial Practice Workshop, March 11
Intensive DUII case training taught by Ben Eder and David Eder of Thuemmel Uhle and Eder. If you’re a newer member of the Oregon bar (four years or less), add this additional overview of DUII practice to your main seminar registration and get bedrock training you’ll use for years to come.

Catch up with fellow DUII practitioners at the Friday evening social sponsored by Oberdorfer Law Firm, Thuemmel Uhle and Eder, Carini and Francis, and Harris, Wyatt and Amala LLC.

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Cuevas + Nakamoto CLE/Webinar

February 25 • OCDLA office, Eugene or online

With the three-member dissent in State v. Cuevas, 358 Or 147 (2015), followed by the subsequent appointment of the Honorable Lynn Nakamoto to the Oregon Supreme Court, OCDLA members now have an historic opportunity to seek the overruling State v. Bucholz, 317 Or 309 (1993) and its authority for criminal-history-score reconstitution, and possibly even its infamous companion, State v. Miller, 317 Or 297 (1993), and its authority for circumventing guidelines limitations on the length of consecutive sentences.

This CLE will provide an overview of pertinent policy principles, outline the sentencing law history, including an analysis of the law as it exists under Bucholz and Miller, and provide members the basic information and trial strategies they will need to put into the appellate pipeline new cases that would serve as vehicles for the possible overruling of Bucholz and Miller, which would save clients substantial incarceration time, and the state millions of dollars in largely pointless imprisonment.

As an added bonus, the CLE will provide OCDLA information about circumventing State v. Lane, 357 Or 619 (2015), which allows trial courts to ground consecutive probation-revocation sanctions on multiple-victim findings.

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Practical Guide to Oregon Criminal Procedure & Practice

Paul De Muniz

A terrific reference tool to Oregon procedural issues that lawyers are likely to confront in criminal cases. Released August, 2015, this is a substantial update to the 2011 edition. $55. arrow Order here.

• Search & Seizure Outline
• Prior Crimes and Bad Acts
• Confrontation
• Merger of Sentences
• Updated Statutes, Including Speedy Trial and Disclosure of Exculpatory Evidence


Felony Sentencing in Oregon

Succeed at Sentencing

Some sentencing issues are so complex you would have to spend hours researching what you can find easily in this invaluable resource. The 2012 edition, updated with the May 2015 Update, helps you arrive at the correct interpretation and craft a winning argument. You’ll reach for it every time:
• your client is pleading to more than one felony count in a single indictment
• the state files a notice of aggravating factors
• you are going to “open sentencing” on felony charges.

And those are just a few examples. For comprehensive coverage of sentencing issues, guidelines and related case law, plus practice pointers and detailed
challenges that can be raised on constitutional and other grounds, don’t look any further. arrow Order here.

2015 Update to Search and Seizure in Oregon

Search and Seizure in Oregon has been updated for 2015, with case law updates and two new chapters. The following chapters are new to the manual:

• Chapter 8—Search/Seizure of Digital Data, Bronson James
• Chapter 9—Before and After the Appeal, Ryan Scott

The following chapters have updates with significant case law since the manual was issued in September, 2014:

• Chapter 1, "Was there a Search/Seizure"
• Chapter 3, "Warrantless Searches"
• Chapter 5, "Search Warrants"
• Chapter 6, "Is Defendant Entitled to Suppression?"

The book focuses on key opinions, with in-depth analysis, practice tips, and much more. Starting at just $175. arrow Order here.


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