DUII Trial Practice Workshop

A half-day intensive study for newer lawyers

Friday, March 6 • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Bob Thuemmel and Ben Eder 

Learn from best! Bob Thuemmel returns from retirement to join Ben Eder in this one-of-a-kind workshop designed to maximize DUII defense skills in just three bootcamp hours. Learn how to prepare for DMV hearings, prepare motions to suppress, and try cases to juries. Open to lawyers admitted to the bar for four years or fewer – read more.


March 6–7, 2020 • Hood River Inn, Hood River

The latest and greatest in DUII defense: dissolving urine toxicology reports, filtering blood alcohol analysis, blowing away breath alcohol tests, defending cannabis DUIIs, crossing the DRE (two former DREs describe how to use the DRE’s own material against them), and using the state’s case against them to create reasonable doubt. Plus, an ethics overview and “Lawyers Helping Lawyers” – a compelling presentation from two lawyers in recovery to provide the substance use/mental health credit. There’s also the DUII Trial Practice Workshop being taught by Bob Thuemmel and Ben Eder, and more. A new decade and now a new location – Hood River, a nice change of pace. View the complete agenda and register here.


2019 Silver Edition Felony Sentencing in Oregon

Author Jesse Wm. Barton brings us this sixth edition — the manual’s “silver anniversary” — now in its 25th year of existence.

This version analyzes the Oregon Felony Sentencing Guidelines from their November 1, 1989 inception through their 2018 version, along with related statutes and constitutional provisions. The manual also analyzes significant case law issued through April 30, 2019.

This is the best sentencing resource around for Oregon lawyers. In it you’ll find answers to complex sentencing questions that would otherwise require hours of research, plus practice pointers and detailed challenges that can be raised on constitutional and other grounds. Read more / order.


Defending Sex Cases

Ever feel like you’re fighting a Hydra-headed prosecution when defending sex crime allegations? Being double or triple teamed by the Multidisciplinary Team? Facing child complainants contaminated by ongoing prosecution interviews? Fighting motions to admit prior bad acts?

So many questions when you’re looking for answers!

The answers are here. OCDLA is proud to release the long-awaited Defending Sex Cases manual! You will find it was worth the wait. telling the defendant’s story, evaluating physical findings, challenging hearsay and other act evidence, false memories, how to try the case: jury selection, cross-examination, jury instructions – and so much more! Lessons about handling complex, difficult cases — information you can use in other types of cases — from people who’ve been in the trenches. Three years in the making! Read more.


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