Death Penalty Defense

Practical Skills for Defending Impractical Cases
October 26–27 | Sunriver Resort

You don’t have to be a capital defender to gather new skills and strategies. Take a look at the following topics that will help improve your practice:

Crime Lab Discovery: Where They Hide Their Misconduct 

Kelley Kulick, Deputy Public Defender in San Jose, Calif., and Karen Lawless, forensic consultant, Forest Grove, Ore., will address how to discover crime lab errors. Think mitigation interviews don’t translate to other major felony cases? Think again. Mary Goody will take us through the terrain of interviewing witnesses to ferret out those crucial factors that can help you win. Lois Heaney, a senior litigation specialist in Oakland, Calif., will provide new strategies to oppose death qualification—an excellent primer for anyone considering capital work and also anyone fascinated with the psychology of jury selection. And much more! Head over to the Agenda tab to see the complete program and sign up.


Public Defense Management

Managing for Better Results
October 25–26 | Sunriver Resort

Malia N. Brink, Associate Counsel for Public Defense, ABA Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants, Washington, DC, is presenting on the upcoming ABA Caseload/Workload Study on Friday morning at the seminar. Her presentation will be integrated with the Public Defense Services Commission meeting, as she and the Commission discuss the dimensions of the study, goals and the impact on you.

Malia Brink has spent over 15 years working on criminal justice reform issues with a focus on public defense reform. Join her and fellow lawyers, staff and managers who have the common goal of improving public defense for this important training.

Read more and register here.


Defending Sex Cases

BRAND NEW! OCDLA’s long-awaited manual for trying sex cases is here. Ever feel like you’re fighting a Hydra-headed prosecution when defending sex crime allegations? Being double or triple teamed by the Multidisciplinary Team? Facing child complainants contaminated by ongoing prosecution interviews? Fighting motions to admit prior bad acts?

So many questions when you’re looking for answers!

The answers are here. OCDLA is proud to release the long-awaited Defending Sex Cases manual! You will find it was worth the wait. telling the defendant’s story, evaluating physical findings, challenging hearsay and other act evidence, false memories, how to try the case: jury selection, cross-examination, jury instructions – and so much more! Lessons about handling complex, difficult cases — information you can use in other types of cases — from people who’ve been in the trenches. Three years in the making! Read more.



The 2018 Legislative Analysis of Criminal and Juvenile Laws contains summaries and complete enrolled versions of new criminal and juvenile legislation. Edited by OCDLA Legislative Representative Mary A. Sofia. Summaries and outlines of 18 bills from the session, along with background information, practice tips, and clickable hyperlinks. Read about the expansion of hit & run (HB 4055) and strangulation (SB 1562), the criminal justice omnibus bill (SB 1543), Rep. Jennifer Williamson’s Plea and Release Agreement Waiver (HB 4149), and OCDLA’s own bill for the reinstatement of parental rights after TPR—HB 4009. arrow Download here.



Felony Sentencing in Oregon

Succeed at Sentencing—Includes January 2018 Update

Some sentencing issues are so complex you would have to spend hours researching what you can find easily in this invaluable resource. The 2012 edition helps you arrive at the correct interpretation and craft a winning argument. You’ll reach for it every time:
• your client is pleading to more than one felony count in a single indictment
• the state files a notice of aggravating factors
• you are going to “open sentencing” on felony charges.

And those are just a few examples. For comprehensive coverage of sentencing issues, guidelines and related case law, plus practice pointers and detailed
challenges that can be raised on constitutional and other grounds, don’t look any further.
Order the complete manual with the update here.
arrow Order just the January 2018 Update here.



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