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Felony Sentencing in Oregon: Guidelines, Statutes, Cases

(2019 edition)

Plea negotiations?
Sentencing proceedings?
You absolutely need this manual.

Purchase now ($225 PDF, $275 hard copy).

INCLUDES the 2020 Sentencing Guidelines Grid AND the June 2020 Felony Sentencing in Oregon Update (available in June). Order your book today, and we’ll get you the June update when its ready.


DUII Notebook

(2020 edition)

All the resources you need and the best advice is right here in the revised, updated, 2020 edition of the DUII Notebook: A Comprehensive Guide to Your DUII Case. With new chapters devoted to handling your clients, addressing DREs and navigating the cannabis landscape, plus ADDED pretrial motions, updates on diversion, implied consent, and IID changes, analysis of Banks, Hedgpeth, Guzman and much, much more, the 11th edition of the DUII Notebook offers thousands of pages of source material at your fingertips. Find out more and get the searchable PDF and hard copy here.



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Library of Defense Case Summaries

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