Security Information & Privacy Policy


The Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association is committed to providing its customers a pleasurable and secure shopping experience.

Our Security:

The site operates under an SSL certificate which provides excellent security. This is normally shown by an “s” after “http”in the url of the secured pages:


On OCDLA’s site, all pages within the cart system show “https.”

This tells you that you have successfully begun to encrypt (scramble) information transferred from you to the internet. This technology is known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and is known to be a very safe means for encrypting data over the internet. We support up to 256 bit security depending on the country you live in and the browser you are using.

Additionally, no credit card or login information is stored on the server.

Your Privacy:

Rest assured that we will not sell, give, or trade your personal information with any other party.

Should you have any further questions about our policies feel free to contact us.